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  • Busiest Real Estate Quarters

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Busiest Real Estate Quarters

    Which is the best quarter of the year to buy or sell a home? I broke down the total sales by quarter in various communities in the area to give you a sense of what the market’s like and when the most houses are selling. I always tell clients that February 1 to May 31 is the best window to sell your property because that’s when the most buyers are in the market. On the flip side, buyers will get the best deal if they’re able to buy outside of that window because there will be less pressure from other buyers. 

    Here’s how 2019 broke down by quarter. However, keep in mind that this analysis was done on December 3, which means quarter four wasn’t finished yet. 



    Quarter 1—68 sales 

    Quarter 2—120 sales

    Quarter 3—94 sales

    Quarter 4—54 sales



    Quarter 1—145 sales

    Quarter 2—226 sales

    Quarter 3—237 sales

    Quarter 4—106 sales

    “February 1 to May 31 is the best window to sell your property.”


    Sun Prairie:

     Quarter 1—55 sales

    Quarter 2—101 sales

    Quarter 3—80 sales

    Quarter 4—47 sales



    Quarter 1—714 sales

    Quarter 2—1392 sales

    Quarter 3—1346 sales

    Quarter 4—659 sales 

    As you can see, the third and fourth quarters of the year are always the busiest, so plan your home sale or purchase accordingly.

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