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  • Easy At Home Fixes To Do While Stuck At Home

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Easy At Home Fixes To Do While Stuck At Home

    Hi, I’m Brad Brethouwer, owner of Brad Bret Real Estate. And today I want to talk about what things you should do to your house to prep it for sale while you’re sitting at home, cooped up during the whole stay at home order here through the coronavirus situation. I did a little work on my house last week and had a dining room that needed some paint and flooring and whatnot. It didn’t take long to transform that room. I have the 90s built house with kind of old dingy looking Oak trim, and I’m not selling right now, but maybe in the next few years. So I’m starting to work on some stuff.

    I’m converting my trim to white in the entire house so I was going to replace all the trim, and then I decided after talking to a contractor friend, that maybe it’s best to just paint the trim. So I put two coats of primer on, two coats of paint. It looks fantastic. Then changed the flooring to a luxury vinyl plank. It totally transformed the room and did not cost me much, or take me much time at all to do it. So there’s really simple fixes like this that you really should be working on now if you’re thinking of selling it all this year.

    The market’s still good. The market’s going to be fine. People should be prepping for getting ready to sell April, May, June, whenever intending on putting it on the market. So this is a perfect time to start working on some of this stuff. Any questions, just reach out anytime. You can call or text me, or check us out on our website. Bradbret.com. Take care.