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  • June 2020 Market Update

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    June 2020 Market Update

    Hi I’m Brad Brethouwer, broker owner of Brad Bret Real Estate. And today is July 15th, 2020 and this is your market update for June, 2020. So I’m going to do a market update for June, compare June this year compared to June last year for DeForest, Windsor, Waunakee, Westport, Vienna, Sun Prairie, Burke, Bristol and Madison. So what I’ve seen so far, just looking at all the stats in the areas and total number sales and nothing has really slowed down. You still got a ton of sales going on. So it’s pretty much everything that’s gets listed, gets sold. Now, the only area that I saw that there was a little bit of a slow down there was the DeForest and that’s probably due to the new construction slowing down a bit. But all in all, everything has remained pretty strong.

    All values are up across the board. Days on market is at least the same or selling quicker. And it’s interesting because when COVID first hit, people were very uncertain of everything. And as far as the housing market goes, I feel it took a little bit of a pause for a couple of weeks until people realized that things were still active and it’s been crazy. Me personally, I’ve been in the business almost 17 years and this has been one of the busiest stretches I’ve ever been in. So it’s strange as how that’s been working. The low inventory for sure drives the serious activity and there’s still multiple offers happening in many cases across the board. So it’s been a pretty active market. So if you’re thinking of selling, there’s a chance that there could be a slowdown. People keep asking me, “What do you think is going to happen in the future?”

    Personally, I feel there’s got to be some short sales and foreclosures coming out of this with all the unemployment, but if you’re looking to sell and you’re looking to get out, I’d get out sooner than later, to be honest with you, if that’s what you’re looking at. If you’re, not in that situation, then sit tight and ride it out. I can’t imagine that it would be any worse than it was back in the recession time. And I’m sure it’s not even going to be anything like that personally. But if you got any questions more about the market in your area, something more specific about values of your house or anything like that. Just reach out to me anytime. You can hit me up on my website, bradbrett.com. Call, text or email me anytime. Take care.