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  • Should You Make Updates Before Selling?

    Friday, March 4, 2022   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Should You Make Updates Before Selling?

    Why you don’t need to worry about upgrading your home before selling.

    Should you upgrade or remodel your home before putting it on the market? We receive that question often, and five to 10 years ago, there was a list of improvements sellers needed to consider before listing their homes. However, in the current market, buyers are willing to overlook plenty of small things that would have been objections in the past. These days, buyers just want to get into the house and figure they’ll do the repairs and renovations themselves. 


    Nevertheless, you still need to tend to basic repairs. If a bathroom isn’t functional or your home has broken pipes, you need to take care of those things. On the other hand, fixer-uppers are in demand, and some buyers are looking for houses they can put some sweat equity into.

    "In the current market, buyers are willing to overlook plenty of small things."

    The moral of today’s message is that you don’t have to do an array of improvements to sell your property right now. I’ve recently seen houses for sale that could use new carpeting, a coat of paint, and aren’t very well kept. In the present market, every home sells as long as it’s priced correctly for the state of repair it’s in. If you account for the needed repairs in your asking price, you’ll have a flood of buyers wanting your house. Properties show better when they’re updated and staged, but that’s not crucial to selling in today’s market. 


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