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    Tuesday, December 28, 2021   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Why You Should Sell With a Realtor

    For-sale-by-owner transactions are not as easy as you might think.

    Today I’ll warn you about the pitfalls of selling your house on your own and what you should look out for. 

    The biggest attraction to selling your own house is saving money on the commission because you don't have to pay a Realtor. However, you get what you pay for. Nine out of 10 for-sale-by-owner transactions eventually relist their house with an agent because they fail to sell it. This year, we had two previously for-sale-by-owner listings that we sold after they tried to sell themselves. On average, a Realtor-assisted sale nets 26% more than a for-sale-by-owner transaction. Even if you only sell for 10% to 15% more with a Realtor, that completely covers the commission and puts even more money in your pocket.
    Agents have years of experience, a marketing plan, and a helpful team. Those things go a long way in getting you top dollar for your property, and we can make the process a lot easier. If you ...

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    Monday, December 13, 2021   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Your Latest DeForest/Madison Real Estate Update

    Here’s what you need to know about the latest market numbers from November.

    Today I want to give you a quick update on our local real estate market. We’ll go over the latest statistics from November and compare them to what the market was like this time last year. The trends for 2021 have been pretty consistent, so let’s see if November is any different:


    New Listings: 20 (up 15%)
    Sales: 28 (down 30%)
    Average Sales Price: $406,000 (up 15%)
    Average Days on Market: 28 days (down 42%)

    Sun Prairie 

    New Listings: 34 (down 19%)
    Sales: 76 (down 6%)
    Average Sales Price: $378,000 (up 12%)
    Average Days on Market: 24 days (down 8%)


    New Listings: 246 (down 6%)
    Sales: 338 (down 12%)
    Average Sales Price: $354,000 (up 5%)
    Average Days on Market: 26 days (down 4%)

    Dane County

    New Listings: 420 (down 8%)
    Sales: 628 (down 12%)
    Average Sales Price: $378,000 (up 3%)
    Average Days on Market: 26 days (down 19%)

    As you ...

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    Monday, November 29, 2021   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    Don’t Trust Online Home Estimates

    Here’s why you shouldn’t trust online home estimates.

    As consumers, most people don’t understand that online home value estimates like Zillow’s Zestimates are not at all accurate. They’re based on computer algorithms that determine what your home is worth based on sales in the area, not on the intrinsic qualities of your home.

    Many sites will provide you with estimates of what your home is worth, but if you were to pull up 10 different websites, you’d probably get 10 different estimates. There have been some cases where the estimates have been close, but that’s not often enough to be reliable. I'm working with a couple currently whose home estimates are $30,000 or $40,000 more than what their home is worth. The current market is not what it was in the spring. There are still homes that sell fast with bidding wars, but that’s not as universal as it was earlier and home values are certainly not where they were in the spring.

    The ...

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    Thursday, November 11, 2021   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    An Update on the Zillow News

    The recent Zillow news shows why you need a knowledgeable local agent.

      A few years ago, I made a video about the inaccuracy of Zestimates and how their platform is deceiving consumers because they show a lot of properties that aren't actually for sale. Zillow has been one of the largest iBuyers in the last few years and they’ve been buying lots of properties. Recently news broke that they overvalued a lot of these properties and ended up taking a huge loss. Being such a huge company, this won’t affect them. However, mistaking those values should make their customers wary. Consumers go to Zillow trusting that their information is accurate. The fact is, they don't even have the right information to buy houses for themselves. This shows you why you need a local agent in your market that knows your area and who can figure out what the property's worth. Agents have been saying it for years, but now it’s plain to see that you shouldn’t trust Zestimates. . ...

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    Friday, October 29, 2021   /   by Brad Brethouwer

    What's Been Happening In Our Market?

    Here is a quick update on the Sun Prairie and DeForest area markets.
      Today I'll give you an update on the Sun Prairie and DeForest area real estate markets. It's still a seller's market, but you can find pockets where the days on market are longer than average, and buyers have more opportunity to negotiate an offer. Some pockets also have widely varying price ranges. DeForest-Windsor

    52 active properties at $399,000 median sales price
    49 properties under contract at $389,000 median sales price
    Average days on market: 34
    23 properties sold at $398,000 median sales price

    Sun Prairie

    52 active properties at $414,000 median sales price
    Average days on market for active properties: 35
    103 properties under contract at $299,000 median sales price
    Average days on market: 22
    70 properties sold at $337,400 median sales price

    I anticipate that this seller’s market will slow down as we near Christmas, but it should ramp up again a couple of weeks into next year. . ...

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